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Dress Code

Bonillas Traditional Magnet School follows a modified dress code. This is an important aspect of our school to ensure when students come to school the focus is on their academic achievement.

Bonillas Modified Dress Code:
Tops: Polo top or turtle neck. One solid color (any color)

Bottoms- Tan, Navy, Black uniform style pants. Shorts, skirts, skorts etc. must be to the knee. NO JEANS

No open toe shoes or heels. No spiked or colored hair (this includes no mohawks or shaved designs). Hats are permitted outside only, but not in the hallways/classrooms.

During Winter students may wear any type of jacket/sweater. Solid colored leggings may be worn underneath approved bottoms. Hoods are permitted outside only.

Out of dress code days for $1.00 are the 1st Friday of every month. Students must still follow TUSD dress code. No sleeveless shirts and graphics must be appropriate for school.

If you have specific questions please contact the front office.

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